How to pay ?

No matter where you are or what size your order is, we have multiple payment solutions to get you started. Once you try it, you will realize that international trading is as easy as a regular trip to the store.

We accept payment in the following 3 ways:
1. Bank transfer
It takes only 2-3 days for your transfer to reach our account if your bank transfers funds directly. All information about our bank will be sent to you along with the rates.

The rates represent the total amount of money received, so please try to choose a bank that deals directly with Hong Kong Banks and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. If this is not possible, then the bank, as a third party, will charge you an additional fee of $10 or $20. Please check with your local bank if you will need to pay for third party services before transfer.

Information about our bank

ACCOUNT NO: 846210098188
BENEFICIARY'S BANK: China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited
BANK ADDRESS: 28/F., CCB Tower, 3 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Note: Please write the paid order number in the postscript at the time of payment.

Please inform us immediately after the transfer of funds. Bank transfer usually takes 3-4 days. In order to start production as soon as possible, please contact us if your order status is still "Unpaid" after 5 days.

PayPal allows you to send money online quickly and securely using a credit card or bank account. When you select PayPal as your payment method, you will be logged into the PayPal website where you will make your payment.

Choose PayPal payment - below are its advantages:

a) Payment can be tracked. You can track the payment status using your PayPal account.
b) Payment does not require you to use a credit card online (you can transfer directly from a bank account).
c) PayPal will protect your personal data if you choose to pay by credit card, which reduces the risk of other people using the card.

3. Global Local Bank Accounts:

Advantages of Global Local Bank Account

1.The same currency is directly deposited into the account.
Payment in the local currency of the buyer's local country can be credited to the account on the same day at the earliest; cross-border currency payment takes 1-3 working days.
As long as it is not cross-border, there will be no intermediary bank fees.

2.Enjoy lower payment costs and excellent exchange rates. Almost 0 transfer fees, no handling fee or very low handling fee.
The premise is that the domestic currency payment is not a cross-border currency payment.

3.It is widely used and supports almost all countries.
It can support local accounts in up to 34 countries and 11 currencies.

Supports the United States (USD), United Kingdom (GBP), Canada (CAD), Australia (AUD), Japan (JPY), Singapore (SGD), New Zealand (NZD), 
And 27 European Union countries (EUR)
1. Austria; 2. Belgium; 3. Bulgaria; 4. Croatia; 5. Cyprus; 6. Czech Republic; 7. Denmark; 8. Estonia; 9. Finland; 10. France; 11. Germany; 
12. Greece; 13. Hungary; 14. Ireland; 15. Italy; 16. Latvia; 17. Lithuania; 18. Luxembourg; 19. Malta; 20. Netherlands; 21. Poland; 
22. Portugal; 23. Romania; 24. Slovakia; 25. Slovenia; 26. Spain; 27. Sweden.

4.The security is the same as that of bank transfer, and its nature is similar.

Select the country and bank above to remit money to your exclusive Gets collection account

Global Banking Collection Details

Bank country                                                                                        US

Bank currency                                                                                      USD

Account name                                                                                     GETS LIMITED

Account number                                                                                 8452063132

Bank name                                                                                            Community Federal Savings Bank

Bank address                                                                                       89-16 Jamaica Ave Woodhaven, NY United States

SWIFT code                                                                                           CMFGUS33

ACH routing number                                                                          026073150

Fedwire routing number                                                                  026073008

Domestic ACH Transfer                                                                     Takes 1-2 day

Domestic Fedwire Transfer                                                             Takes 0-1 day

International SWIFT Transfer                                                            Takes 0-3 day

Bank country                                                                                        GB

Bank currency                                                                                      GBP

Account name                                                                                     GETS LIMITED

Account number                                                                                 01719561

Bank name                                                                                            AS LHV PANK

Bank address                                                                                       1 Old Street Yard,London,EC1Y 8AF, United Kingdom

Bank code                                                                                             040301

IBAN                                                                                                       GB23LHVB04030101719561

Domestic Faster Payments Transfer                                              Takes 0-1 day

Domestic BACS Transfer                                                                   Takes 1-2 day

Domestic CHAPS Transfer                                                                Takes 0-1 day

Bank country                                                                                        EU

Bank currency                                                                                      EUR

Account name                                                                                     GETS LIMITED

Bank name                                                                                            AS LHV PANK

Bank address                                                                                       Tartu mnt 2

IBAN                                                                                                       EE797777000124327964

SWIFT code                                                                                           LHVBEE22

Domestic SEPA Transfer                                                                    Takes 0-1 day

International SWIFT Transfer                                                            Takes 0-3 day

Bank country                                                                                        CA

Bank currency                                                                                      CAD

Account name                                                                                     GETS LIMITED

Bank name                                                                                            Digital Commerce Bank

Bank address                                                                                       736 Meridian Road NE

Account number                                                                                 981787906

Branch number                                                                                   10009

Financial institution number                                                            352

Domestic EFT Transfer                                                                       Takes 0-1 day

Bank country                                                                                        AU

Bank currency                                                                                      AUD

Account name                                                                                     GETS LIMITED

Bank name                                                                                            Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited

Bank address                                                                                       833 Collins Street

Account number                                                                                 612078447

BSB number                                                                                         013943

Domestic Bank Transfer                                                                    Takes 0-1 day

Bank country                                                                                        JP

Bank currency                                                                                      JPY

Account name                                                                                     エアーウオレツクスジャパンカブシキカイシャ

Bank name                                                                                            MUFG BANK, LTD. 三菱UFJ銀行

Bank address                                                                                       7-1 Marunouchi 2-Chome, Chiyoda-Ku

Account number                                                                                 3347921

Bank code                                                                                             0005

Branch name                                                                                        Wakatake ワカタケ

Branch code                                                                                         809

Domestic Zengin Transfer                                                                Takes 0-1 day

Bank country                                                                                        SG

Bank currency                                                                                      SGD

Account name                                                                                     Airwallex (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Bank name                                                                                            DBS Bank Ltd

Bank address                                                                                       12 Marina Boulevard, DBS Asia Central, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3

Account number                                                                                 8852019988

Bank code                                                                                             7171

Branch code                                                                                         072

SWIFT code                                                                                           DBSSSGSG

Domestic FAST Transfer                                                                    Takes 0-1 day

Domestic MEPS Transfer                                                                  Takes 0-1 day

Domestic GIRO Transfer                                                                   Takes 0-1 day

International SWIFT Transfer                                                            Takes 0-3 day

Bank country                                                                                        NZ

Bank currency                                                                                      NZD

Account name                                                                                     GETS LIMITED

Bank name                                                                                            ANZ Bank New Zealand

Bank address                                                                                       23-29 Albert St

Account number                                                                                 042024043100700

Bank code                                                                                             04

Branch code                                                                                         2024

Domestic Bank Transfer                                                                    Takes 0-1 day

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