How to get the request photos of the products in my order?


There are two ways of arranging photo-taking right now.

First method, now we have upgrade our system, you can ask for the photo-taking by selecting the photo-taking button in your cart page, there is a little camera mark after the item description, please click it and save, then the photo-taking service will be arranged.


And if you forget to choose the photo-taking button when placing the order, but want this service afterwards, you can Submit a ticket before the order sending to you.


Then we will calculate the cost for you and arrange to take photos once the goods are finished.  For price information and the photo description, please check this page: 


Check the photos of your account.

Sign in your account first please. Then you can find the “Item photos Manage” in “My Account” menu list. Please click this option you will open the page as below:

You can search the photos by Order No, Packing ID, Status of the photos in this page easily.

Status:  Pending and Processed are mean if the photos have been uploaded by our servicers,

Wait Download and Downloaded are mean if customer has downloaded the photos

Click the “Download” button below each photo and save it to your computer.

Tips, We can only take photos for you when the ordered goods are finished, kindly please wait a few days after you place orders.

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