What should I do if the goods I received have problem?

Generally, all orders need to be processed with many steps by different departments until you receive them, such as order-processing department, financial department, assignment department, purchase department, quality control department, logistics department etc. We will try our best to do a good job, thus our customers can receive the goods with satisfaction.
But sometimes mistakes might happen due to some staff's carelessness or transport problem, we have been always trying our best to improve our management and service, as well as other aspects.
If you receive the goods that has problem, please contact us by submit a ticket.

Important Notice:

Once you receive the packages, please check with the below points for attention:

1. Package Checking: Please confirm if the quantity of arrival packages is same as the shipment bill write and the integrality of the packages, do not sign for if there is any problem;
2. Goods Checking: Please check the goods once you receive them, referring to packing list in each carton;
3. Valid time for Complaint: Please make sure to submit your complaint within 7 days after you receive the goods, if exceed 7 days we are unable to deal with the problem for you.

When you submit the complaint, in order to save time for a quick solution, please advise us what the detail problem is and advise us the detail quantity, also clear pictures of all the imperfect items once time. Sorry for the inconvenience of you collecting these necessary information:

When you submit the complaint, to save time for a quick solution, please advise us the problem and quantity of faulty products in detail , also clear pictures of all the imperfect items once time. Sorry for the inconvenience to you.
1. Quality Problem: If the goods you received have quality problem, please kindly advise us details, including exact quantity of unqualified items and close-up pictures to show the problems.
2. Color Differences: If the items you received are in wrong color, please send us clear pictures for our checking and advise us quantity at the same time.
3. Wrongly-sent items: If you receive wrong goods, we will much appreciate it if you can send us close-up pictures by below forms:
All received ones together with our original packing label.
Several pieces listed separately for closer inspection.
Then we will check the problem, and give the best solution to you.
4. Quantity Problem: If the quantity of items is less than what you ordered, please advise us the specific quantity you received by close-up pictures with scale (the weight of single piece and total weight of this item), then we can check further with the weight information.
5. Size Problem: If the goods you received are in wrong size, please send us pictures of the items together with calipers or ruler to show the size you received.

6.Packing Problem: If the goods are not packed as your request, please advise us the item number you referred to together with a picture for our checking.
7.Broken Goods: If the goods arrived in broken status, please check and confirm the quantity, then send us close-up pictures for checking. We can refund you accordingly once confirmed.
8.Missing: If you did not receive an item or some items, please kindly check if they are lost in the corner of the box,  mix up with other items, or mis-packed in wrong boxes; if not, please kindly advise us the total weight you received and show us pictures of the packing list.

Warmly Reminder: 

For all complaint issues in processing status, if we can not receive reply or confirmation for our suggested solutions over one month, we will close the complaints and think that customers have agreed with our suggestions, hope you can kindly understand.

For items that need to be returned and remade, please kindly be noted that we just can re-arrange the production after received the returned parcel.

For taking pictures, please kindly try to help us to take pictures for checking if needed. We will much appreciate for your time and cooperation.

Complaints in below conditions are not acceptable:

1.   Length & Quantity:  the difference is within 3% of the total length or the total complained items’ cost is within $3.

2.Breaking & Abrasion:  the total quantity is less than 3% or the broken ones cost less than $3. 

(1) For glass or other fragile items, the ratio is within 5% and understandable amount is within $5.

(2) For beads in strands, we do not accept complaints if the beads in any case fall off from string during international transportation under the condition of the goods can be used normally.

3.Size: for items in size 4~10mm, the acceptable difference range is within 0.5m, for the items in size in 10mm or more, the permissible difference is 1mm.

4.Time limit:  all problems should be forwarded within 7 days after receiving.

We welcome customers to submit any feedbacks concerning our products and we will do best to improve upon your kindly help.

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