Design your own customized jewelry on our weibstie

1.   How to edit text?

     When using our jewelry online design, you can print your own text in the textbox and you can see a text field on the selected product in which you can preview the effect. Then you change the text font, size and color you like.


A. please choose you want to design this product your own or just order the original one first

B. Some of our customized products support the double-sided design then you need to choose "single-sided design" or "double-sided design" before starting your design. If we do not show this choice it means that your selected products can only be designed on single side.

C. Please click "add text" button to start your design. Most of the customized products can be designed with multi-lined words just click "add text" one more time to get another line edit. See the following picture

D. If you want to design the “Vertical Text”,just use the "change line" method above, see the following picture:

E. Please notice the "delete" button and "arrow" mark on the right of the custom list. You can use them to delete or change line through them easily.

2.    How to upload a photo?

You can see two buttons“upload images" and "open click art library", the latter one is very easy you can just click it and choose the art you need. Now let us show you how to add your own pictures onto the products. Choose "Upload art" and click on "Clip here to upload" to upload pictures directly from your computer.

You will then see your pictures on the products and the sizes is adjustable. If you want to delete or change another photo just click the red fork on the right.

When everything is confirmed, click the "Make PNG" button and you will get noticed that you have successfully designed it. And you can preview or download your design.

3.    How to choose colors or styles?

Most of our custom jewelries are marked with the arrow to tell you which part can be customized. Then just choose the color or styles you like on the right side and click the upside triangle you can see more. After you choose we will remember and save it for you below the color chart.

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