Pearl knowledge

1.What is a pearl?

Pearl is an ancient organic gemstone,mainly produced in pearl shellfish and mother-of-pearl mollusks; Pearls are divided into natural pearls and cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are divided into seawater pearls and freshwater pearls.

China is a big producer of freshwater pearls, and its output accounts to 95% of the world's production. Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province is the largest base for the cultivation, processing and sales of freshwater pearls in China. The total output accounts for more than half of the country's total output. It is known as the town of “Chinese Pearl”

2.What is the difference between seawater pearls and freshwater pearls?

The biggest difference between freshwater pearls and seawater pearls is that the former is a non-nuclear pearl and the latter is a nuclear pearl. For this reason, freshwater pearls are the best raw material for beauty pearl powder.

There are several differences between seawater pearls and freshwater pearls:

Environmental difference: seawater pearls are cultured in the sea, and freshwater pearls are cultured in fresh water.

Color difference: seawater pearl color is single; freshwater pearls are colorful.

Size difference: seawater pearls are generally larger, and freshwater pearls are smaller.

Shape difference: sea water is really rare, and freshwater pearls may have various shapes.

3.Freshwater pearl culture and production process

4.The colors of Pearl:

Natural pearls:

Natural freshwater pearls are divided into white, pink, purple, and pinkish purple, pinkish orange, etc., which are between natural pink colors. Because freshwater pearls can't grow black, all the blacks of freshwater pearls are obtained by dyeing.

     White  color                                        Purple  color                                      Pink color

Dyed pearl: (Dyed pearls will not fade)


Dyed pearls can be dyed in about 48 colors. The following picture are colored pearl. pls kindly check for reference:


5. The shape of Pearls:

Usually, pearls have the following shapes: Round, off round , Potato, Button, Coin etc.


Off round:




6. The size of Pearls:

Pearls usually have the following sizes, 7-9mm is the popular , and  if the size  above 10mm are very rare. So The bigger the pearl, The bigger the pearl, the more expensive it is.

7. Pearl grade :

A single pearl is evaluated according to four aspects: "shape, color, gloss, and defection ".

(1)   Pearl grade is divided into: according to international conventions and industry standards:



(2)   Roundness grade is divided into:

100% Round, Round, Off round, Button

8. How to distinguish the true and false of pearls?

Please use the following method to directly judge the true and false. If the following four points are realize, it is true, otherwise it is false.

1.  Scraping pearls with scissors   2. If there is pearl powder

3. Gently erase by hand           4. Restore to a smooth surface

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