Open land transportation from China to Russia

Open land transportation from China to Russia.

(cheapest and safest method)


No. City Name No. City Name
1 Moscow 16 Rostov
2 Bashkortostan 17 impeller
3 Don District 18 Saint Petersburg
4 Irkutsk 19 Sverdlovsk
5 Kaluga 20 Tambov
6 Kemerovo 21 Tatarstan
7 Krasnodar region 22 Uralian
8 Leningrad 23 Ussuriisk
9 Moscow region 24 Vladimir
10 Nizhny Novgorod 25 Volgograd
11 Novgorod 26 Voronezh
12 Novosibirsk 27 Ekaterinburg
13 Primorsky Krai 28 Yakusk
14 Tyumen 29 Kirov
15 Tomsk 30  Perm

* Minimum 10kg is enough to use this service.

* The fee includes transportation to Moscow market Lublin, import clearance and import tax, if the client wants to send the goods to another city then you should pay the delivery fee from Moscow to your city yourself.

* Excludes insurance fee, charge & discharge the charge stored in a designated market.

* Delivery is only large cities in each destination. For example, Ufa and Kazan in Bashkortostan. If you have special requirements, please contact us before placing an order.

Important note:

1. Delivery can be traced, please contact our service department for details.

2. The arrival time will be informed in advance, the goods must be picked up the same day, or an additional charge will occur as storage, unloading charges

3. When choosing land and the final destination is Moscow, we take no more than 40% balance paid our agent in Moscow. Goods will only be released after payment is made.

4. If the goods have not been received 45- 55days after delivery, it will be regarded as a loss.

6. To ensure safe delivery, insurance must be taken. If lost or damaged, you will get full compensation to the sum insured. If there is no insurance, no more than $ 10 / KG will be compensated.

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